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'Inbetweeners' stars Joe Thomas and James Buckley are set to reunite for BBC show 'White Gold'.The comedic duo have teamed up with 'Gossip Girl' star Ed Westwick and Inbetweeners creator Damon Beesley for the television show, which follows the story…The Inbetweeners' Joe Thomas would "jump at the chance" to do an adult reunion.The 33-year-old actor would love to work with Simon Bird, James Buckley and Blake Harrison - who played Will Mc Kenzie, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland respectively in…

Some imply they see lots of girls, and never see them again after one night, but I don’t know if that’s actually true.” When asked if he believes you can laugh a woman into bed, Joe replied: "A sense of humour is pretty much my favourite quality in any person.

"There’s a lot of embarrassment involved in relationships and, if you’ve got a sense of humour, you can skirt around those bits.

It becomes a way of making somebody feel comfortable." He added: "You have to accept that if you’re a man, you’re a bit of a fool, and a sense of humour is a way of taking responsibility for your own awkwardness and patheticness.”When it comes to playing Carly-obsessed Simon, Joe revealed that it can be quite embarrassing, stating: "After a while it just becomes your job – something you want to do well, even if you’re punching yourself in the c*ck.

I’ve tended to have quite serious, long-term monogamous relationships.

"Well, obviously they’ve been monogamous – I’m such a romantic I’d only ever have sex with one girlfriend at a time…

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In the next episode, Tara hooks Will Mc Kenzie with her friend Kerry and they all go to Waterside shopping centre. In the next episode, Trip to Warwick, Simon and Tara try to have sex in Tara's sister Sophie's bedroom but Simon can't get an erection, due to him listening to Jay's sex advice and begins to hit his penis trying to induce one, scaring Tara.

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